Painting in Lagoa, S.Miguel  Photo by Lourdes Costa. A gift to the Azores government following a special invitation.
The title of this painting: "... um barco na linha dos teus olhos" connects the image with the poem by Jose' Francisco Costa "Sina de Vespera"

Commissioning an Illustration

An Illustration is a visual representation that describes the subject or tells a story, clarifies or decorates a text or literary work. This can be for personal or for commercial use. I will be pleased to discuss your needs and follow up with an estimate.

Commissioning a Portrait

In today's fast-paced world where images come and go, a custom designed portrait has a long lasting life you will be proud of, honoring your personality, history, heritage and interests. Unlike most expensive entertainment items, a fine art portrait will outlast most things - it is an affordable investment that will become a heirloom treasure.

Choose your preference of media from a monochromatic look to a painterly colour representation in any size to fit a favorite spot or feature wall. Commissioning a portrait is easy to initiate, the results you will appreciate. You can transform a favorite photo into a work of art, or create a new image by posing for the artiste.

To mark a special occasion or milestone, such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, achievement etc.-- a gift of a portrait painting is a special and unique idea! When time is limited, a gift certificate can be given on the occasion to be redeemed soon after it meets approval with the plans to proceed with the artwork. Whether it is a gift for yourself or for others you will be pleased with the results. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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