Photo by Joel Pacheco
Dancing with the folkloric group in Furnas, S. Miguel


An artist conference "Construir Cultura -Building Culture" held in S. Miguel, Azores on (July 6-11, 2005) brought several artists together from Brazil, the USA and Canada. There were poets, musicians, photographers and media and visual artists of Azorean descent.

This event was hosted by the Azores "Comunidades" government. We were offered a tour of the island, were musically entertained, viewed film, art exhibitions and museums - all in the company of several talented participants - this was truly an unforgetable experience-a wonderful gift with so many elements I love wrapped up into one package! I was on top of the world for the week, and for so long afterwards!!

The participating artists were asked to each contribute artworks to be published. My contribution was the painting of two Azorean girls in the window, entitled "Um barco na linha do teus olhos" The original painting is now property of the government department. In 2008 - A limited edition book of collected works was released in hardcover, including an original collaboration of music on a cd.